I’ve never been one for museums or exhibits, but I think Fries of New York is one I’d wait in line for! This weekend, you can see 100 different French fries up close and personal in a pop-up display in NYC. The exhibit is hosted by Sir Kensington’s and young emerging condiment brand, featuring ketchup’s best friend in a museum-like setting.

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Sir Kensington’s found a unique and unconventional way to generate brand awareness. Fries from some of the most acclaimed chefs and well-known restaurants around New York City are displayed, and visitors. The exhibit engages consumers in an entertaining way, and attendees are encouraged to join the conversation via Instagram. Expect the NYC museum lines to be short this weekend, as tourists and locals alike flock to the tribute to an all-American favorite!

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Sir-Kensington-Ketchup-00Cover Photo: NANCY BOROWICK FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES
French Fry Diagram: Here
Sir Kensington’s Lineup: Here


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