How more untrue could a tagline be? How could Snapple possibly rationalize their definition of the “Best Stuff on Earth” as remotely congruent with how today’s consumer might expect this promise to manifest?

A hyper-cynical and informed consumer might least expect a nod to where the best oranges, apples and corn syrup came from. Instead, we get this…

When I was a kid, every time my dad would drive through the carryout for his Kool’s and Rolling Rock, I would frantically search for a Snapple cooler – ready to drink tea, sweet and sugary, tasty, the trivia under the cap,”made from the best stuff on earth” – it was new, it was cool, I had to have it.

Back then, the consumer didn’t care as much to measure a brand’s actions against it’s promises.

Today, a focus group might reveal a nostalgia around all of this – but when that same respondent shows up at shelf, they might be more likely to buy if the promise hadn’t expired so long ago.

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By Blake Mitchell