Alas, the 2015 Summer Fancy Food show has come to a close and the reviews are in. While the expo included a lot of unique and up and coming grocery brands, it was Sound Sparkling Tea that made serious waves at this year’s show. U.S. News’s  released her favorites in “Best Bites from the 2015 Fancy Food Show”, recognizing Sound as one of the best unsweetened beverages at the show. Here’s what she had to say:

Sound Sparkling Tea: While I personally find unsweetened teas to be refreshing and palatable enough, I’ll concede they can sometimes leave me wanting more flavor. So I was pleasantly surprised upon sampling the three effervescent bottled teas from Sound, whose bold flavors were enhanced by their fizziness and rose above the subtle “essences” that most unsweetened teas deliver. The Alive flavor is the most caffeinated of the bunch – based as it is on Yerba mate – and has a citrusy profile from hibiscus and lemon. The Refresh flavor is white tea-based and moderately caffeinated, with peachy ginger notes. And the uncaffeinated chamomile-based Calm variety conjures up a vanilla cream soda – without the cloying sweetness. All three flavors have zero calories and no sugar.



Congrats to Sound Sparkling Tea  on being recognized, yet again, for being at the forefront of beverage innovation. Interact has enjoyed the opportunity to work with Sound and we can’t wait to see what cool stuff the Sound team keeps making happen.


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