With fall and winter quickly coming into being, the time for tea (for those of you who drink it only when its cold) has returned. Tea simultaneously occupies multiple worlds as both a commodity and premium product. It serves many functions being: a simple beverage, a cure for a cold, or a shareable experience. Perhaps that’s why tea packaging is so creative and versatile. There seems to be a certain freedom with form, talent for illustration, and above all else a great attention for detail.

Inspiring tea package designs

Tea Packaging Design










THAO-Tea (5)





1. Bissap Breeze Tea. Designed by Mark Waguespack.

2. (2 Images) Conceptual Twinning’s Tea rebrand. Designed by Chris Yoon & Jess Gerjets

3. Emporio Tea. Designed by Inject Design.

4. Joseph Welsey Tea. Designed by Foundry Co.

5. Conceptual Tea Packaging. Designed by Michal Marko.

6. Conceptual English Tea Packgaging. Designed by Ken Lo.

7.  T.H.A.O. Tea Company. Designed by Ha Design Studio.

8. Bonnard Tea and Macaroons. Designed by Anagrama.

9. Conceptual Numi Tea Redesign. Designed by Samah Alrajhi.

10. ParaTea. Designed by Elefante Project.

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