The ready-to-drink beverage section is always a space to watch for innovation. Companies consistently vie to strike consumer’s interest with convenient, health forward, and environmentally products. Now, a new phase of technology will soon hit store coolers and shelves – self heating and cooling beverage containers. Both are still in their fledgling stages, but it’s an exciting development nonetheless. Here’s what we know:

What’s hot

HeatGen beverages are sold in an aluminum can, which transfers heat to warm up the drink on demand. With a simple twist, your drink will be hot in two minutes. The cans are made of recyclable materials, and despite the general move away from single use receptacles, convenience reigns supreme. It’s likely that we will soon see this technology utilized for liquids that could benefit from on-the-go packaging, from soups and bone broths to teas and coffees. The demand certainly exist, with heat and go products rising in popularity (such as Bonafide’s Keto Bone Broth).


Chill out

On the flip side, Elemental Beverages wants to make sure your drinks stay cold. Not only for the refreshment factor, but because coffee tastes its best when freshly brewed. This technology halts the process so you can experience all the best flavors without burning your tongue. Currently, it’s just a machine available for commercial use. But similarly to popular household appliances like the SodaStream, we could see an iteration of Snapchill Technology turning consumer facing in the future.