Instant coffee has long been cast aside as the cheap, albeit effective caffeine delivery system. Reserved for rushed mornings and as complimentary hotel room amenities, most would opt for a freshly brewed cup given the choice. To drink a cup of the often bitter powder mixed with hot water is typically out of desire for its effects than the sensory and social experience that sipping on a freshly brewed cup provides.

It’s hardly a revolutionary item in the coffee world. For decades, Folger’s has marketed their instant coffee “coffee crystals”. While this name gave an elevated edge to the product, it carries a reputation of being bitter tasting jet fuel – even with its updated packaging.


Instant Coffee Packaging Design


Then and Now: Folger’s Coffee Crystals



As the possibilities for innovations in coffee expand, so begs the question: can instant coffee be as good as any other coffee? The acts of ordering a cup of coffee in your favorite shop, or preparing a pot in your kitchen are ceremonious. They can be comforting or stimulating, social or introspective. Even if instant coffee could as delicious as a freshly

brewed cup, flavor is not the only factor that takes part in the coffee drinking experience.

Starbucks pioneered the cafe experience in America by creating spaces that are cozy, open and welcoming. This, paired with the consistency and familiarity of the menu, makes it the go-to coffee shop for millions of people worldwide. When Starbucks introduced the line of Via Instant Coffees, that in store experience became accessible anywhere and anytime.


Starbucks Brings the Coffee House Experience Anywhere with Via


Alpine Start (shoutout to a fellow Boulder company!) caters to adventurers who do not want to sacrifice great coffee, even if miles away from civilization. These smooth tasting single serving packets travel well, leaving more time for the drinker to explore.


Alpine Start Makes Great Coffee Accessible on Adventures



Sudden Coffee is at the forefront of the third wave coffee movement, selling top notch crystalized coffee in single serving capsules. With the promise of consistency and quality on par with a cup from your favorite coffee shop, Sudden is transforming the way that instant coffee is regarded.



Sudden Steps Up with a Unique Structure


We’re looking forward to seeing what Voila coffee does, on the heels of successfully raising their Kickstarter goal. Partnering with some of the best roasters around and offering a subscription service will be a whole new way to experience new flavors in coffee, all by simply adding hot water.



Voila will Make Multiple Varieties of High Quality Instant Coffee


Coffee is a subject we could talk about for ages (especially after our second cup of the day!). In our upcoming posts, we’ll be delving into what kind of products the third wave of coffee is spurring.