With Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods, Walmart has risen to meet the competition to keep up with evolving millennial demands. While widely known for its low prices and convenience, their private label products translate to anything but upscale. As a result, Walmart recently bought Jet.com – a fast growing ecommerce company that launched in 2015. The website has been notably popular for consumers to purchase household essentials, from groceries to cleaning supplies. And they’re about to launch a private label of their own.


Uniquely J is Jet.com’s new brand targeted toward “metro millennials” (Fortune) It will be shipping friendly and offer utilitarian products like detergent, sandwich bags, coffee and more. The packaging we’ve seen so far this differs greatly from that of conventional products, because they were not designed for an in-store experience. Everyday products that are often under designed and banal now feature lively, eye catching illustrations with fun copy. And the Jet.com logo mark reads as friendly, and immediately recognizable. While only a couple of products have been revealed there are more to come and we’re interested in seeing how the brand will continue disrupting categories within their private label.