Expo West 2016 brought out some of the best and most innovative natural food companies from around the nation. We were like kids in a candy shop as we perused the scores of emerging brands. In case you missed it, or simply want to relive it, here are some products that blew us away at the show this year.




Companies are getting innovative with alternatives to some classic carb loaded foods. Chips don’t have to be made from potatoes, nor does wheat need to be a primary ingredient in pasta. Health conscious bakers can rejoice at the plethora of different types of flour available.


Notes From Expo West 2016

These days, the sky’s the limit for gluten free flour!

Pereg is offering multipurpose flours made of quinoa, banana, almond, and more.



Hard Bite veggie chips are anything but plain, using gorgeous

imagery of ingredients along with delightfully original copy.


Pedon is flexing some serious muscle with their More Than Pasta line.

Who needs wheat pasta when you could have these colorful vegetable noodles?


Step aside, Bessie. Vegetables, nuts and goats are making a splash in the milk market. Companies have reimagined the traditional carton to house these new types of unconventional milks for those seeking tasty dairy free alternatives.


Veggies, you say? We sampled Veggemo, the first non-dairy product to

originate from veggies, and it passed the taste test with flying colors!


In a market saturated by almond and coconut milks, Milkadamia macadamia milk

is a refreshing new take on dairy-free. Moo is Noot, indeed.


Parents with weaning toddlers can now turn to Kabrita goat milk in

lieu of traditional cows milk for an option that’s easier on little tummies.


The pouch was once a rarely seen container for food, but its possibilities are truly endless. We were happy to see this structure making waves in multiple types of food products, from bone broth to pureed fruit to nut butter.


Go with the bare essentials for bone broth. The Bare Bones pouch

allows you to pour any amount easily, whether you’re sipping or cooking.


Squeeze the day! Nomva is a combination of organic fruits and

probiotics in a single-serving pouch, making it easy to get your greens.


Your on the go protein fix just got way neater with the Yum Butter multiple

serving nut butter pouch. Say goodbye to the sticky spoon and jar!


Where do you get your protein, plant or animal? Don’t worry, you don’t have to pick a side. We’ve seen a huge selection of bars, powders, and beverages featuring both sources. Now, the only tough choice is picking one out of the bunch…


Organic Prairie does not disappoint with their line of hearty and high quality meat protein bars.

Mighty Bar is the perfect snack for active, health conscious carnivores.


Bolthouse introduced a sleek new design for their plant-based protein

drinks that are sure to capture the eyes of protein hunters.


What the hemp?! The star ingredient of Evo bars is one of the most

nutritionally complete food sources, to sustain energy and satisfy taste buds.


Throughout our time at Expo, we had an eye out for excellent design executions. Whether a product went through a brand revamp or are completely new to the market, we were swooning over the best of the best.


Blue Sky soda underwent a serious packaging overall. This great product now has the look to match!


We’ve got to pat ourselves on the back for this one. Brami beans were a hit,

as a brand new product with package design by none other than us!


Wild Tonic stands out amongst all other kombuchas with these unique bottles and eye-catching color palettes.


While food packaging is our main focus, we couldn’t help but appreciate some of the more innovative booth designs.


Way Better re-used their snack bags as containers to serve up some tasty tacos.


WRTMLN WTR brought some great energy with a punching bag and fitness ball to keep attendees jazzed!


Silk renovated an old truck from here in Boulder! Talk about upcycling.

All in all, another awesome experience for the Interact team at Expo West. We’re super inspired and excited about the current state of the food and beverage packaging design industry, and can’t wait to see the latest and greatest at the next show!